Sources of news: Hariri's movement has made little progress in the path of government formation

Media informed for “news” and explained that the meetings carried out by Hariri “need different management, the problem is not between him and the troops, and between him and Jumblatt. Not , but is in favor of their demands. The real problem with the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun and President of the National Movement free Minister Gibran Bassil . “

As quoted Hariri as saying that he “will visit Baabda in the next two days,” Qguatah sources confirmed that “Hariri supports the troops and stand on its side, but he does not want to be a reason for any disagreement between him and the President of the Republic.” For its part, the sources pointed out that “all this movement did not make progress, even a simple, in the process of authoring the government, and the adherence of each party to his demands will not lead to any breach of the wall of the crisis.”


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