Gold is losing two pounds. The 21 caliber is recording this pric

Gold is falling two pounds .. caliber 21 record this price Charter quoting the story we publish to you gold retracts pounds .. 21 caliber record this price, gold retracts two pounds .. Caliber 21 record this price we publish to you our visitors New News Today through our charter and start with the most important news , Gold retreating two pounds .. caliber 21 record this price.

Gold prices fell in morning trade Tuesday, the value of two pounds to score 21 caliber, the main caliber in the market in Egypt, EGP 630 .

The decline was the result of a $ 10 ounce drop in gold to $ 1254 an ounce .

Gold prices today in Egypt have become as follows :

Caliber 18: 540 pounds

Caliber 21: 630 pounds

Caliber 24: 720 pounds

Pound Gold: 5040 pounds

Ounce: $ 1254

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