Free Mobile is experimenting with a new 50GB package at 8.99 euros

When presenting its financial results, Free promised new mobile offers . A few weeks later, here is a new package appears on the site of the operator. For 8.99 euros per month for one year, Free offers unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 50 GB of data in 4G in France, plus 3 GB in 3G in Europe.

Attention: at the end of the first year, the price of the offer automatically switches to 19.99 euros and will then offer the same benefits as the Free Historical Package.

A life-size test?

Presented as a special series available until July 17, the new offer is experimental for Xavier Niel’s operator. This one is very similar to the promotional operations that the company can offer on Private Sales but which, for the first time, is directly for sale on its own site.

Main difference between the offer at 8.99 euros and the 19.99 euros: abroad. If the most expensive formula of Free can surf in more than 50 countries, and call the world for free, the “new offer” is a little less generous. Unlimited calls are only to France and the DOM / TOM, and Internet abroad is limited to Europe.

In France, we go from 100 to 50 GB of 4G data, which should however be sufficient for a large majority of future customers.

Available until July 17, the special series is available directly on the site of Free. After this date, it is not impossible that the operator decides to keep this offer to the catalog or to change it. As a reminder, in Italy, the parent company of Free offers a 30 GB offer to 5.99 euros.


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