DIRECT. 2018 World Cup: The Blues have resumed training, three days of the final

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16:53 : Hello, according to information from the Parisian , the Blues could parade on the Champs-Elysees Monday or Tuesday, in case of victory. The newspaper says that, unlike 1998, it will not be a parade in the middle of the crowd, but rather an event close to the “popular tribute” to Johnny Hallyday, that is, say with gates on either side of the avenue. We will bring you more information about this as soon as we have it.

16h52 : Do we know already if in case of victory the players will march on the Champs Elysees? And if so, what day?

16h28 : The Blues are preparing for their meeting with Croatia in the final of the World Cup. The team is in full training, as shown in this video posted on Twitter.

16:04 : He was unperturbed by the Red Devils Tuesday night in the semifinals of the World Cup. Who is Hugo Lloris , the goalkeeper of the France team? Brut draws you the portrait of the footballer of 31 years in pictures here :


15:52 : We announced it at the moment, 12,000 members of the police will be mobilized in Paris and Ile-de-France this weekend, on the occasion of the celebrations of 14-July and the final of the World Cup. 3,000 relief workers will also be deployed. More information about this security feature in our article .

Hundreds of thousands of people dumped on the Champs-Elysées after qualifying for the World Cup final on July 8, 1998.


3:32 pm : Do teams score more late in the game? We have tried to answer this question by recording the goals of the last five Football World Cups. Find all our results in infographics in this article .


15:44 : 12,000 members of the police will be mobilized in Paris and Île-de-France between Friday evening and Sunday, for the festivities of 14-July and the final of the World Cup football, announces the prefecture of Paris police.

14h31 : Hello @anonymous , in fact, according to information from the Parisian , the fresco depicting Kylian Mbappé on a building in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis), his hometown, was covered by an advertisement for Castorama last week. This fresco, entitled “Bondy, city of possibilities”, was located on one of the buildings of the residence of Potager, which runs along the A3.

2:29 pm : Hello. In Bondy, the “wall mural” representing Mbappé has been replaced by a Castorama ad. Do you have information about this? Thank you.

Most-watched broadcast on British TV since 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

So many tuned in to watch England’s WorldCup semi-final #ENGCRO #bbcworldcup

2:15 pm : Like the France-Belgium semi-final, the match between England and Croatia attracted a lot of viewers across the Channel last night. 26.5 million Britons watched this match, BBC Sport announces on Twitter. A record since the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012, says the channel.

13:54 : He says “full of joy” after the victory of Croatia against England in the semifinals of the World Cup. For Filip Vucak, ambassador of Croatia in France, the place of his country in the final is a “coming revenge” . The diplomat did not forget the defeat against France, in the semifinals of the 1998 World Cup (2-1), after a doubled Lilian Thuram.


13:01 : You take your lunch break? Here are some reading tips on franceinfo:

Twenty years later, our journalist Pierre Godon tells you behind the scenes of July 12, 1998, the day France became champion of the world of football.

The French footballers during their victory in the final of the World Cup, July 12, 1998 at the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Our journalist Mathilde Goupil has painted the portrait of Julien Rochedy, the former head of the National Youth Front now focusing on masculinism.

Julien Rochedy at the launch of the participatory platform  "The Lovers of France, the country before the parties ", October 25, 2017.


How to explain the particularly high number of drownings this summer in France? Explanations from Jean-Michel Lapoux, Secretary General of the Federation of Lifeguards, collected by our journalist Lison Verriez.

A lifeguard lifeguard monitors bathers on a beach in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), July 10, 2018.


12:13 : It was twenty years ago, day to day. Two goals from Zinedine Zidane, a third from Emmanuel Petit and France became world champion in football. In this story , our journalist Pierre Godon reveals behind the scenes of this day which remains, two decades later, still engraved in the memories.

The French footballers during their victory in the final of the World Cup, July 12, 1998 at the Stade de France (Seine-Saint-Denis).

11:34 : Before leaving the room, Paul Pogba paid tribute to his coach Didier Deschamps: “The coach has a star, he has something that others do not have.He is a leader, who knows how to get his message across . “

11:23 : “At the Euro, we thought it was already done I do not want to lie: when we had beaten Germany, we thought we won the final, we said that with the course of Portugal, it It was going to be easy, the mentality was different, there we are focused, we want to give everything and win. “

Paul Pogba refuses any excess of confidence before Sunday’s crucial match.

11h17 : The cultural diversity within the team of France is it a wealth? “Even when I see you [journalists] , there are many origins ,” says Paul Pogba, ” that’s what makes France!” France is full of colors, but we all feel French! I am proud to be French . “

11:11 AM : ” I have a star on the shirt, but I did not win it, I want to go get that one.”

11:13 pm : Paul Pogba assures: “We do not think [of the favorite status] .” The Croatians lost to England and did not give up, they played 90 minutes more than us [they played 30 minutes extra time against Denmark in the 8th, Russia in the quarter and England in the half] , but they will want to show that they want to win.We keep the criticisms we received early in the competition to motivate ourselves. “

11:03 : “We have come too far to let go now, I can remember the holidays after the defeat of Euro 2016 … I do not want to relive that again, we want to come back with a smile and make France fart!”

It’s Paul Pogba’s turn to speak three days before the France-Croatia final. Follow it live and video with us .

11h56 : “The status of favorite? We saw that it did not mean anything in this competition, so we will not put this pressure on it,” said Samuel Umtiti to those who already see the Blues raise the World Cup Sunday … before leaving the room by performing his famous hipster.

11h06 : Asked about his curious hips when celebrating his goal against Belgium, Samuel Umtiti ensures in a laugh that it was “something worked”. “Paul [Pogba] and Antoine [Griezmann] love to see me do that!” adds the defender.


10:50 am : At the start of the press conference, Philippe Tournon announced the arrival of “Paul Umtiti” and “Samuel Pogba” , causing the laughter of Blues defender Samuel Umtiti. Benoît Zagdoun and Simon Gourmellet had painted a portrait a few weeks ago of this former journalist L’Equipe aged 75, became since the early 1980s the press relations of the Blues.


10:48 : Did the Blues draw the lessons of the final of the lost Euro against Portugal (1-0) before approaching the match on Sunday? “Everyone has taken stock of this lost final, we know we have some points to improve, but I think we are on the right track, we have grown in power and we have shown that we can be very solid. “ , assures the defender.

10:47 : “Everyone has the opportunity to give their opinion.We know that the most important is the qualification.We know that in the end, we will remember only the winner.”

Asked about the bitter statements of the Belgians after the semifinal, Samuel Umtiti refuses to add.

10:39 : Aged 5 at the time of the semi-finals of the World Cup France-Croatia, Samuel Umtiti admits “not at all” to remember this game. That does not rejuvenate us.

10:38 : “We know that in this competition, we play against the best players in the world.We will prepare this game to be able to handle players like Modric, Mandzukic or Rakitic.”

Samuel Umtiti talks about preparations for the final against Croatia on Sunday at 17.00 and his strong points.

10:34 am : The press conference of Samuel Umtiti and Paul Pogba begins. It is the scorer of the semi-final against Belgium who opens the hostilities. Follow it live with us .

09h41 : Do you like football, hair and victor’s cups? I have gathered your three passions in this revolutionary quiz . Knowing that if you get 23/23, chances are you are the hairdresser of the France team.

09:32 AM : The police organization based in The Hague (Netherlands) has launched a website displaying all the cards. Once “returned”, they reveal the name and photo of the criminal, as well as information about his alleged crimes.

09.30 : Europol has set up a team of a slightly different kind in preparation for the final of the World Cup. From today, the European police agency unveils its own “team” of the 25 most wanted criminals, in an online game that is reminiscent of the very popular collection of football cards.

09h08 : At three days of a possible world title, the hero of the semi-final, Samuel Umtiti, and the metronome of the Blues, Paul Pogba, will answer questions from the press at 10:30. You can follow it live on our website!


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